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Need 15kg LPG or forklift gas cylinder refills? We keep Hamilton businesses running on gas

From LPG for commercial kitchens or forklift gas cylinder refills, it’s good to know you can get reliable gas service and products.

Whatever business you’re in, you’ll never run out of gas again with Rockgas Hamilton. We’re a local business and are proud to support other local businesses throughout Hamilton and the Waikato region with friendly customer service, great products and prompt, reliable delivery.

Order gas online

Want an uninterrupted gas supply for your business? Just jump over to our order gas online page and fill out the easy to use online form – it’s that simple!

Whether you need 45 kg gas cylinder refills or fork gas cylinder refills, we’re here to make sure your business never runs out of gas. Get in touch, order gas online or sign up with us today!